Stitching In/Justice: The art of conflict textiles

In this post we reflect on conflict textiles’ status as art, as well as on their potential, indeed their force, in pressing for (international) justice. As to the former question, we point out how conflict textiles complicate the very category of “art” – how they straddle divides between art, craft and activism, and how the medium of textile and the practice of needlework continue to be associated with femininity, domesticity and “mere” decorative purposes. With regard to the latter point, we describe the role that conflict textiles can play in trials and truth and reconciliation commissions, yet we also argue that their greatest value lies in the powerful work they do outside such formal justice processes. 

On Stitching the Search…

"[A]s someone who greatly appreciates written words, my favourite piece was a textile displayed at the Aberystwyth exhibition titled Hilvanando la busqueda, or in English 'Stitching the search'." In this guest post, Amal Abu-Bakare talks about her favourite exhibit and the experience of giving guided tours of Stitched Voiced. Read more here.