Book Review: “Women For Peace: Banners From Greenham Common”, by Charlotte Dew

Reviewed by Theresa Wolfwood (first published on the website of the Barnard-Boecker Centre Foundation here) “The Greenham banners reveal much about the campaign's proponents, ideology and reach. They are also evidence in a number of broader histories: the story of women-led campaigning, including the suffrage and Women’s Liberation movements; the history of peace campaigning before, … Continue reading Book Review: “Women For Peace: Banners From Greenham Common”, by Charlotte Dew

Derry Dolls: A Return to Textiles… with a Twist

"[S]ewing as a process also allows the sewer to work through their emotions." In this guest post, Kyra Reynolds revisits her own journey into the world of arpillera doll making and describes how she used this technique to incentivise reflection and conversations among women in Derry, Northern Ireland.

(Des) Tejiendo Miradas: Exposición Virtual — 15.1.-1.3.2021

Invitación Especial A LA EXPOSICIÓN --> Acompáñennos durante las próximas 6 semanas en esta exposición virtual de las narraciones textiles de los firmantes de la paz (antiguos miembros de las FARC-EP), sus familias y sus nuevos vecinos rurales sobre sus experiencias de la guerra pasada y el actual proceso de paz en Colombia. Escuchen el diálogo entre las … Continue reading (Des) Tejiendo Miradas: Exposición Virtual — 15.1.-1.3.2021

(Un-) Stitching Gazes: Virtual Exhibition — 15.1.-1.3.2021

Invitation TO THE EXHIBITION --> Join us over the next 6 weeks for this virtual exhibition of the textile narratives of former FARC guerrillas -- or as we would rather like to call them: peace signatories --, their families and new rural neighbours about their experiences of the past war and the present peace process … Continue reading (Un-) Stitching Gazes: Virtual Exhibition — 15.1.-1.3.2021

Textiles haciendo paz. Conversatorio

Por Antonia Mirella Arias Este texto es el resumen de un conversatorio entre la autora y algunos miembros del proyecto de investigación (Des)tejiendo miradas sobre los sujetos en proceso de reincorporación en Colombia, que tomó lugar en ocasión de la publicación del artículo Textiles haciendo paz (que publicamos en su version española en este blog … Continue reading Textiles haciendo paz. Conversatorio

Textiles haciendo paz

Texto original en ingles escrito por Christine Andrä Christine Andrä (2020): Textiles Making Peace. In: Richmond O., Visoka G. (eds) The Palgrave Encyclopedia of Peace and Conflict Studies. Palgrave Macmillan, Cham. Traducción al español de Antonia Mirella Arias (Medellín, Colombia) Version en español publicada con permiso de Palgrave Macmillan. Definición Para examinar lo que … Continue reading Textiles haciendo paz

Needlework as research method: a case study

“Every stitch is another step that helps, and it’s a change.” Read more about embroidery and post-war reconciliation in this short case study, which describes the aims, method and findings of a project that used needlework to study the subjectivities of former FARC combatants in the process of reincorporation into civilian society in Colombia.