Stitched Voices podcast – episode 2: “Voices of Activism”

Another break from reading… it’s time for some more listening! Here is Liv Williams‘ new podcast, weaving two more voices into a reflection on conflict textiles as ‘Voices of Activism’.

Listen to Berit Bliesemann de Guevara (a Reader in Peacebuilding at Aberystwyth’s Department of International Politics and part of the Stitched Voices commissioning team) and the wonderful Damien Gorman (award-winning playwright, poet and filmmaker from Northern Ireland), reflecting on the importance of conflict textiles and the way that Stitched Voices do their incredible work on us. Learn how all of us can actually do something in the face of violence, power and oppression in the world. And listen to what conflict textiles can contribute to Social Science research.

Listen to the podcast here, or go to the Stitched Voices Soundcloud page.

Yet more episodes to follow… Enjoy listening!

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