The Needle as the Pen. Part 4: Cloth and Body, the Love Affair (2)

In this guest post, Andrea Liu reflect on how cloth relates to humanity in its mortality and transience – both cloth and our body can be cut, stitched, age, decay - and as a metaphor for life through cloth's restoration and mending. Another theme is cloth - in the form of headscarves, blankets and handkerchiefs - as a protest symbol. Read more...

The Needle as the Pen. Part 1: The Coat Speaks!

In this guest post -- the first in a series of reflections an the needle, the body, the cloth and political activism -- Andrea Liu traces & reflects on the story of the coat her great uncle Liu Zhuanghuan, an accused counter-revolutionary, wore in a Chinese forced labour camp in the 1950s. A powerful story and a compelling example of textiles as "public ambassadors for the politically oppressed and voiceless".