Stitched Voices podcast – episode 4: Refining our Understanding

In this last Stitched Voices podcast episode by Liv Williams, three more persons involved in the Aberystwyth exhibition reflect on their experiences and observations.

Jen Loffman, Assistant Curator at Aberystwyth Arts Centre, talks about how she has navigated talking children about the exhibition pieces and how demographics got involved that she was not expecting to see in a textile exhibition.

Roberta Bacic, Curator of the Conflict Textiles collection, talks about how she started collecting and exhibiting Chilean arpilleras and other conflict textiles, the voice that textiles can give to the experiences with human rights violations of those who have lived through them and which often defy representation in words, and how exhibitions such as Stitched Voices can simultaneously progress theory and praxis in academia.

The podcast ends with Lydia Cole, who recently obtained her PhD in the International Politics department at Aberystwyth University. She connects the exhibition to her research and shares her thoughts on the importance of introducing artefacts such as textiles and the narratives they transport into the study of international politics.

Listen to the podcast here, or go to the Stitched Voices Soundcloud page.

Enjoy listening!

Featured image: “Anti Apartheid” banner, Aberystwyth Anti-Apartheid Group, Wales, 1989. Amgueddfa Ceredigion Museum, Wales. Photo: Seirian De’Rome.

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